Difference between Manga and Manhwa

Manhwa” is the name used to designate the Korean comic strip. Due to the importance of Korean culture, Manhwa is very dynamic and comes in many forms: paper, internet and mobile phone. Today, South Korea is one of the leading comic book producing and exporting countries. Like Japanese manga and Chinese manhua, manhwa is strongly…

Monster a manga that dates but remains a masterpiece.

Seven years. That’s how long it took URASAWA Naoki to complete what is considered by many today as his greatest work: Monster. A breathtaking hide-and-seek game in which the roles of cat and mouse are constantly interchanged. An investigation with gigantic ramifications, drawn over four thousand pages, during which one always wonders how the author…

Naruto become a member of One Piece

The end of Naruto last November finally surprised only a few of its readers. It was even rather expected by a certain number of early fans who were getting tired of this great ninja war and its sometimes uninspired resurrections. What was perhaps more surprising, however, was the speed with which the ending took place….

The top 5 best animated mangas in 2019

The world of animated manga will be very enriched for this year 2019. The producers decided to take out their mangas in order to dazzle the addicts of this crop. They promise entertainment that meets the expectations of the viewer. Production companies like CloverWorks or Bones have released the big game for the fans’ enjoyment….

Why Solo Leveling the best manhwa in the world

Solo Leveling is a manhwa that takes our modern society as a basis but adds the system of hunters and portals. Our hero, Sung Jin-Woo is one of those hunters whose job it is to go to the parallel worlds through the portals and beat the boss so that the access door closes and thus…