While Masasumi Kakizaki’s Manga, a talented author no longer presented, has just finished in 7 volumes, Kazé will release this end of November a splendid collector’s edition.

The prestigious box set will bring together all 7 volumes with 7 ex-libris and an original drawing, all in large format (20 cm x 48 cm) in a very beautiful box set.

As usual, the first buyers who made the series live by buying the books at their releases may feel cheated, but the price of the object should calm them down a bit because it will still cost 80 Euros to buy it against about 50 Euros for the unit Manga.

So a little angry or « too expensive for me anyway »?

What is this Manga about?

1st century A.D., the Roman Empire was at its height and its legions submitted one by one the last lands where monsters and humans still lived in peace. Criminals, innocent, orphans, half-humans, wyverns…. All constitute the ranks of warrior slaves thrown into the arena and forced to kill each other to entertain the Domitian emperor and the bloodthirsty Romans.

Among these fighters are gladiators who confront wild animals and legendary creatures: they are called « Bestiari ». However, some of them, like Finn or Zeno, were raised alongside those who, in Rome’s eyes, are mere beasts, and they intend to turn their weapons against their jailers… and even against the entire Empire!