Attack of the Titans still the best manga?

Shingeki no Kyojin is the japanimation series that everyone is talking about, especially in the last few weeks. The manga phenomenon of Hajime Isayama, started in April 2009, has begun to broadcast its animated adaptation since April. If Japan already knows ten volumes, Pika editions has just started the translation in June, under the title L’Attaque des Titans (two volumes are available for the moment).

The scenario takes place in a universe where, a hundred years ago, humanity was attacked and decimated by carnivorous giants. Only a few million survived and hid behind a fortified city, protected from invasion. The beginning of the story places us as the wall is attacked by a new form of titans. Eren and her adoptive sister Mikasa see their mother being bitten before their eyes and swear to exterminate all the giants in order to give back to humanity its freedom.

The strength of L’Attaque des Titans lies in the coherence and inventiveness of its universe, supported by a rhythmic narration. The anime makes sure not to lose its dynamism by choosing to move the story forward quickly. The current adaptation foresees a total of 25 episodes, but since the manga is still in progress, other seasons are to be expected (the second starts in April 2017, the third in July 2018 and April 2019). While only 14 episodes have been broadcast so far, a first Blu-Ray is already released in Japan on July 17. And given the success of the series, a video game adaptation is already announced for 2014.

Attaque of the titans

Unlike many other anime titles, the Attack of the Titans moves quickly and doesn’t waste time in the plot. It chooses to stand on action and not on easy cliffhanger clichés, opting for a design sometimes far from the usual japanese cannons. Not to spoil anything, it turns out to be rather well animated, especially during some 3DMG movement sequences that show a lot of inventiveness. To do this, the Wit studio (a subsidiary of Production IG) did a fine job of animation.

You can even find Evangelion accents in Shingeki no Kyojin, that’s to say! We’ll have to see what the series will look like in the long run and to what extent it will manage not to run out of steam, although the scenario offers a great potential playground. In the meantime, if you support the ultra-violence he uses (which explains why his episodes are broadcast during the night from Saturday to Sunday at 2am on MBS), the Attack of the Titans is very advisable!