The year 2020: mangas to come

With 2019 over, it’s time to move on to 2020! This article will therefore be an opportunity to come back to the readings that are likely to punctuate my year 2020, with the forecasts in terms of acquisition, but also the reading objectives that I am going to set for this new year. Finally.

New features for 2020

Let’s keep it simple, I’m going to indicate chronologically the releases and reissues I plan to follow in 2020 (at least in what has been announced for the first half of the year). I won’t elaborate on each title, so I invite you to do your little research, but you’ll see that there’s a certain balance between new releases and re-releases, which is what I wish for my readings and the blog for this year.

  • January 2: Gin Shikawara’s Cat with Seven Lives T.1
  • 22 January: Family Compo by Tsukasa Hojo (Complete in 12 volumes).
  • January 29th: Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahashi T. 1&2.
  • January 31: A Wonderful World (Complete) and Inio Asano Anthology by Inio Asano.
  • January 31st: Asadora T.1 by Naoki Urasawa.
  • February 5: The Quintessential Quintuplets T.1&2 by Negi Haruba.
  • February 5: Nyankees T.1 by Atsushi Okada.
  • February 19: Happy! by Naoki Urasawa (Complete in 15 volumes).
  • February 19th : Parasite T.1 by Hitoshi Iwaaki.
  • February 27 : Our Evanescent C(h)oeurs T.1 by Yuhki Kamatani.
  • March 12: Running Girl T.1 by Narumi Shigematsu.
  • March 19: Shino can’t say his name of Shuzo Oshimi.
  • April 1: Angel Heart by Tsukasa Hojo (T.1 to 10 reissues).
  • April 2: Act-Age T. 1&2 by Tatsuya Matsuki and Shiro Usazaki.
  • May 7 : Alpi The Sould Sender T.1 by Rona.
  • May 7 : Our Colorful Days T.1 by Gengoroh Tagame.

I’ve decided to take it easy on the purchases, especially on the new series, as you may see. Hence the fact that a lot of new series, no doubt attractive, will probably be dropped at my place. I’m thinking in particular of Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man and others… But I’m forced to limit myself, because I already have a lot of ongoing series on the fire, and also a lot of series that I wish to discover, as you’ll see in the coming part !

My reading objectives for 2020 :

I like to set goals for myself, thinking that maybe it will help me stay focused during the year and not get lost in my reading and shopping. I’m thinking of writing a small article dedicated to the objectives, which I will update when I fill it out, always with a small paragraph to give a feeling on this objective. As you will see, reading and shopping will often be linked, but I also think I will use a lot of media libraries to fill them out!

1. Discover more about Takehiko Inoue :

I said it several times, I’ve already fallen in love with Slam Dunk thanks to its Star Edition. So I’m very eager to discover more about the author of the work. For that, I’m thinking of getting into Vagabond thanks to a media library that I frequent which has the first 10 volumes, and I’m also thinking of buying a few volumes of Real in the year.

2. Discover more about Tsukasa Hojo :

You will surely have understood it with my planning concerning the releases of the year, I’m very eager to discover more about the author of City Hunter. The re-release by Panini of Family Compo will be the occasion to discover his manga which is the one whose pitch makes me the most envious. And the publisher is definitely thinking about me and doesn’t stop in such a good way since he’s going to relaunch Angel Heart in April, and I think I’ll try to buy a few volumes of it on occasion. Of course, it would be before I finish City Hunter (I own half of the volumes of the Deluxe edition).

3. Discover more about Naoki Urasawa :

This author being one of my most beautiful discoveries of the year, I particularly wish to discover more of his work. But this will not happen in a year, I am aware of that. But for 2020, I wish to discover Happy! on the occasion of its reissue. I will of course follow live the release of his new series, Asadora, and I have started to buy Billy Bat, and I hope to be able to get the 20 volumes so that I can read the whole series before the end of the year.

4. Buy and read season 2 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure :

I really loved Phantom Blood, the first season of the manga. And luckily, Jojo is a series where each season can run independently, so I think I’m discovering the rest of the saga at a small pace, but buying en masse each time. Battle Tendancy being « only » 7 volumes, I think I’ll buy it in one go during the year to read it in one go.
And I won’t refrain from also launching into the two collections of Rohan Kishibe, even if the character only appears in season 4.

5. Buy and read Hunter X Hunter’s Greed Island bow :

A bit like Jojo, Hunter X Hunter’s bows have very specific atmospheres, so I plan to continue my discovery by making the whole bows in one go. The bow of Greed Island extends from tome 13 to tome 18, so that only makes me only 4 volumes to buy (because I own the tome 13 since it concludes the bow of York Shin City).

6. Buy and read the missing volumes of Silver Spoon :

I ranked Silver Spoon as one of my most beautiful discoveries of the year, so I logically want to continue the series. And since it ends this year, I might as well finish it too!

7. Discover more about Hiromu Arakawa :

And while I’m at it, I might as well discover more about this major author. To do so, I plan to buy Hero Tales (I already have the first volume, so I only have 4 left to buy and read), but I’m especially going to read the whole FullMetal Alchemist, which is available in a media library near me.

8. Finish buying GTO and reread the series from the beginning :

I had started to buy GTO before I was interested in the manga as a whole, and I had read the series until volume 12. I was rather addicted, but in the meantime I launched myself into a billion series, so I never resumed. But I continued to buy a volume from time to time, until I had 21 volumes in my collection. So I would like to buy the 4 volumes that I miss, and read the whole series while I’m at it !

9. Reread my favourite Taniguchi and write articles about them:

As you know, I love Jiro Taniguchi. I’ve given you some reviews. For 2020, I want to reread my favorite volumes of the author, in order to offer you articles that, I hope, will make you want to discover him. Similarly, it would be time for me to read some of his manga that have been in my PAL for 2 years …

10. Finally getting into One Piece:

In January 2019, I bought the discovery pack of the first two volumes of One Piece, which I read. Then I bought the volumes 3 to 5… which I never read! The reason is simple, it’s really too intimidating a series still in progress of more than 90 volumes. But I decided to take my courage in both hands and to finally launch myself in 2020! I’m even thinking of writing an article soon on what it means to get into this manga 23 years after its debut. But clearly, it is impossible to catch up in one year, so I will set a goal for this year of 30 volumes read, which already seems very good. For this, I will buy volumes here and there, but above all, I will borrow en masse from the media library!

11. Read Death Note :

Yes, as a fan of the anime and the Duo Ohba/Obata, I am ashamed not to have read their cult manga. And as many of the media libraries I frequent have the complete set, I might as well take advantage of it!

12. Discover Osamu Tezuka :

I’ve only read one of Tezuka’s works, and that’s Ayako. I’m thinking of rereading it in order to offer you an article, but I would like to discover more about this founding author in the world of manga. First of all, I wish to read Astro Boy, of which I have the first volume of the most recent edition of Kana. For the rest, we’ll see, Delcourt Tonkam makes sumptuous but expensive reissues, so I’m not going to make plans on the comet.

And I think we’re going to stop there for the objectives, the goal being to achieve them all within the year, I’m going to stay calm. Especially since all this is in addition to all the series that I’ll be watching live throughout the year.